Destination Website
At Borealis Basecamp, guests can view the Auora Borealis from a modern geodesic igloo. Visitors can lounge in their igloo while viewing the lights from an expansive, clear ceiling. When redesigning the website, I wanted to play into the look and feel of the Auora Borealis as well as the Basecamp’s igloos, representing calmness and relaxation through photography, illustration, and color palette.


Responsive Website
Kings Island is an amusement park located in Mason, Ohio. Kids, teens, and families of all ages go to experience the thrill of these coasters. With this easy-to-navigate user experience, it's almost as if you're physically in the park. The website's bright colors represent the thrill and excitement you get from visiting the park.


Product Website
The Polaroid 600 is a classic polaroid made in 1981. Many consumers loved the design of the camera including the Instant printing system and the vintage style of the developed photo. When designing a website for the Polaroid 600, I wanted to play into the summer feel with the use of the color palette, illustrations, and of course, photography.

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