Hey! My name is Kourtnie :) Starting off with an interesting fact is that I am adopted from China! I was adopted aroudn 11 months old to some amazing parents and two sisters. I grew up in the country area of Tipp City, Ohio with pretty much my entire family. I was a fairly active kid growing up; I enjoyed sports from horse riding, to soccer, to gymnastics. During my years in high school at Troy Christian, I found my love for art and music. I've always been a creative person, but not in the traditional drawing or painting type of way. I realized I loved photgraphy when I got my first camera at 15 years old. From then on, I kept exploring the creative world and got accepted into The Modern College of Design, where I have obtained my Associates Degree of Applied Business in Design. This fall I will be going back for the Bachelors Degree Completion Program in Design Leadership.

Here are some fun facts about me:
- I like spending time alone, but you will most likely see me with my boyfriend, his family, or mine
- I've recently taken insterests in longboarding, tennis, cars, and driving manual
- I have a cat named Patrick. I call him Patty
- I've always had a fascination with space
- I'm a classically trainted pianist. I've been playing for 13 years
- I also play the ukulele and the baritone ukulele
- My favorite bands are The 1975 and The National. I typically enjoy any kind of indie or alternative music
- If you know about the Enneagram and Mypers Briggs personalities, I am a 6w5 and an INFJ-T

Phone: 937.818.5235Email: kourtnie.riviello@gmail.com