Poster Design
The National's seventh studio album Sleep Well Beast was released in 2017, which won a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album. I designed a gig poster that promotes the band playing the album live from their hometown in Cincinnati, Ohio. This design series has other elements — such as lanyards, tickets, and wristbands — that give fans of The National a full concert experience.


Package Design
Pocky is a Japanese-based kids snack. It is a crunchy biscuit stick covered in different flavored creams such as chocolate, strawberry, matcha, banana, etc. Their original box design for the chocolate flavor had a red statement color, which their consumers loved. For my package design, I wanted to emphasize the red while also including other traditional Japanese elements.


Event Ad and T-shirt Design
Summer is in full swing and car meets are more popular than ever! Every summer, people host car meets, join car groups, and drive around showing off their vehicles. I decided to create car group that advertise their own car meets through Instagram ads and T-shirt designs. In order to create a fun summer feel, I incorporated bright colors and line design elements to draw the viewer's eye into the ad.